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Dave Vitale is the founder of Australia's leading craft spirit - Starward Whisky.

I'm an Australian entrepreneur based just outside of Seattle, USA and love whisky, food and business.


I'm the head of US operations for the company I founded, Starward, and despite my tendencies to be distracted by the next-shiny-thing I'm kept pretty  busy building this brand with an amazingly talented team both in the US and back home.

I have three kids, and, when I'm not being reminded I'm ranked # 4 in our household, I love exploring the amazing outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, finding the best pizza in the world, cooking & sharing a whisky with friends, and mentoring other businesses that are on their own starward-bound journey.   


I love sharing our story of making a new kind of whisky - one for the dinner table. Here's some of my interviews and speaking engagements.


The story of Starward

A candid chat with Troy Trewin about the origin story of Starward, the trials and tribulations of building a whisky business without the cashflow of white spirits

Is Australian Whisky the next Japanese Whisky?

Forbes article on the rising tide of Australian whisky and Starward's launch into the US market

5 whiskies
that inspired Starward

A behind the scenes look at the inspiration for Starward whisky, both in terms of style but also essence.

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